LaLa’s story – Vestibular disease

LaLa’s story – Vestibular disease

September 11, 2023

LaLa is an adorable 8-year-old Shiba. Rescued at 4 years old, LaLa had been in good health until very recently, when she had the sudden onset of some worrying signs – refuse to eat and seizure.

LaLa’s owner brought her urgently to see one of our vet and following imaging-scan service, her diagnosis was confirmed as peripheral (idiopathic geriatric) vestibular disease. Vestibular disease is one of the more common neurological disorders seen at Wellness Veterinary Hospital & Diagnostics Centre, often found in older dogs, and is very similar to vertigo in humans.

Her treatment will involve hospitalization with 24 hours nursing care, medication, anti-vomiting drugs and a physiotherapy assessment for her rehabilitation, as patients with this disease often experience decreased joint movement, stiffness and muscle weakness due to inactivity, which can otherwise hinder a smooth recovery.

LaLa’s family describe her as a timid, gentle and sincere dog, who’s always by their side. Hopefully with time, medication and the love and support from her family, she should make a good recovery.

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