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Wellness Veterinary Hospital & Diagnostics Centre is dedicated to providing the best level of pet care service in Hong Kong, our medical team, in the best interest of your beloved animal family members.

We understand that veterinary care and especially emergency can be unforeseen needs for pet owners. Our hospital is open and stocked with all the necessary lifesaving equipment, medications, and highly skilled veterinarians, technicians and nurses to receive and care for patients 24/7/365.

We aim at achieving the best possible quality of life and professional medical advice when it is in the best interest of the patient and not just because it is possible.

We also understand that in addition to their concern about the health of their pet, unexpected and unplanned veterinary expenses can be very stressful to pet owners. Therefore, we tailor our treatment to give the best possible outcome and a sense of comfort and wellbeing to the owners, knowing that they are doing all they can in their comfort zone. Our team is always here to listen and to help.

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Why choosing us?

Wellness Veterinary Hospital & Diagnostics Centre provide pet caring service, 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year, and we make 5 promises to each and every patient and their families.

Work with every family towards achieving the best possible quality of life for their animal family member.

Respect the emotional needs and financial constraints of our clients and support them in their time of making and coping with difficult decisions, whilst providing them with the fullest possible information to make informed choices.

Support our professional colleagues in every way we can at all times and will ensure that they remain fully informed. Our practitioners will remain integral to the referral care team for the patient to maintain continuity of care.

Wellness Veterinary Hospital & Diagnostics Centre always uphold the strictest code of moral and ethical conduct for the betterment of our patients and our profession.

Never to advise intervention purely because it is possible, but only where it is warranted and justified. We take seriously our responsibility to judge the fine line between suffering with hope of recovery where pain can be relieved and suffering when it is best to say goodbye to a beloved friend.

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