Wellness Veterinary Prescription Diet Online Ordering

You can now order prescription diet online for your pet. Follow the steps below to get started.

What are Prescription-Diet Pet Food

What are the basic nutritional needs for cats and dogs? After being domesticated for thousands of years, dogs nutritional requirements are more suited to a diet that is a combination of plants and animal foods, whilst cats are considered obligate carnivores and require a strictly meat based diet. Although the source of these proteins and fats is important, the digestibility of these foods for pets to be able to extract the nutrients that they require is even more important.

There are six basic categories of nutrients that pets need: proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and water. Over the years, research into our pets’ nutrition has shown that a well-balanced diet is required to build lean muscle and carry out basic bodily functions whilst the amount of these nutrients vary depending on the pet’s life stage from puppy/kitten, adult, senior, and also lifestyle such as an active pet as opposed to a couch potato pet and any other medical conditions that the pet may suffer from.

Prescription diets are often more targeted diets which address specific pet medical issues. Each type of animal prescription diet is formulated to address specific medical issues. Prescription diets range from different medical conditions, from pets with diabetes, kidney problems, skin problems, allergies, bladder stones, arthritis, liver issues, and weight loss to name but a few. Our veterinarians will prescribe a best suited diet if your pet can benefit from changing to a prescription diet.

Our hospital carries full range of Hill’s Science Diet, Royal Canin, VetLife, and Sanimed prescription diet to cater to pets with different taste buds and physical needs. We understand that taste and texture matters, and even with prescription diet, there is no “one bag fixes all” solution.

Our existing clients can pre-order the above brand on our website, and new clients can also place an order for prescription diet by simply uploading your prescription through our online portal.