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What is VIMAGO™ HDVI CT Scanner

The Vimago™ imaging platform employs HDVI™ technology, which produces incredibly detailed, 3D images of your pet's anatomy.

Vimago™ also has onboard Digital Radiography and Fluoroscopy; which allows us to create real-time, moving, x-ray images to help better enable diagnosis and aid us with surgical outcomes.

Vimago™ uses considerably less radiation than other devices, which decreases your pets radiation exposure time compared to other imaging techniques.


HDVI™ (High-Definition Volumetric Imaging) is a new, proprietary and patented imaging technology, similar to CT (Computed Tomography) that provides unprecedented diagnostic and interventional information for clinicians.

HDVI™ data can provide resolution as small as 0.09mm (about the thickness of a human hair). Clinicians can see the data in any angle, thickness or orientation. The results are superior diagnostic confidence - and why HDVI™ is the new standard for primary imaging.


  • Dentistry
  • Tumors: identification and assessment
  • Trauma
  • Foreign bodies
  • Discovering abnormalities anywhere in the body
  • To assist in surgical planning

Diagnostic Fluoroscopy may be used for: coughing, swallow studies, shunts, collapsing tracheas and more

Interventional Fluoroscopy may be used for:  biopsies, endoscopy and more. 


Robotic, High-Definition Computed Tomography, with Large Field, High Resolution Fluoroscopy, and Whole Body Digital Radiography in one device.

MEET THE VIMAGO™ — engineered for veterinarians to be used diagnostically, intraoperatively and interventionally with the ability to quickly scan the entire body of any patient from a mouse to a mastiff. Outperforms other CT’s and uses 60-90% less radiation than standard CT. Vimago™ can be easily moved from room to room and plugs into any standard 220V outlet. Vimago™ can be used for CT, Fluoroscopy or Digital Radiography. All this from a device with lower cost of ownership than even a single slice conventional CT scanner. The Vimago™ is an entirely new and patent-pending type of CT technology that has been engineered specifically for the veterinary market. Beyond its unmatched resolution, the Vimago™ is the only imaging system in the world designed specifically to be able to change environments and perform as a diagnostic, interventional and intraoperative device. In fact in each of those areas the Vimago™ outperforms devices made specifically for those duties. Meet Epica’s™ multi-modality imaging masterpiece that does not ask you to compromise on any front. The Vimago™ will allow you to expand your capabilities, improve your quality, enhance safety, increase revenue and save money all at the same time with a device designed specifically for your needs. Vimago™ HDCT ™, Fluoroscopy, Digital Radiography system is now available for veterinary professionals. Diagnostic imaging is now better, safer, easier, and more cost effective than ever before. That is the Epica way.


  • CT resolution up to 30x higher with resolution down to .09 mm
  • Contrast to match any CT (Hounsfield Units identical to conventional CT)
  • Scan the entire length of a patient
  • Study setup takes less than 5 minutes
  • Scan any patient from 2 ounces to 200 pounds
  • Designed for diagnostic, interventional, and intraoperative uses
  • Surgical Navigation System available soon
  • 60%-90% less radiation than conventional CT
  • On-board 2D, MPR, and 3D imaging
  • Export standard DICOM studies

We were frustrated with the fact that veterinarians who wanted CT had to choose to buy an old refurbished, human hospital throwaway system or limited capability machine made for just skulls or dentistry that were ‘re-stickered’ for the veterinary market. We have spent our lives in veterinary medicine and knew we could do better. So we created the Vimago™… Experience better images without gaps in your data where lesions can hide. Less radiation means you can safely stand by your patient while the machine is in use. Make sure surgical procedures are perfect with the patient still on the table to improve your outcomes. The Vimago™ performs every task in a way that is as uncompromising as you are. Vimago™ allows for CT to be more effective than ever before at imaging: Sinus and nasal cavity, bulla, ear, brain, dental, spine, orthopedic, cardiac, pulmonary, urinary, and post-operative studies. The Vimago™ can do everything any other CT can do, better… and then much, much more.

Imaging Service - VIMAGO™ HDVI CT Scanner
Imaging Service - VIMAGO™ HDVI CT Scanner


Large-field, high-resolution images, auto brightness/contrast, and frame rates from 1-16fps. Interventional imaging quality that beats dedicated systems selling for more than $1 million. Any orientation of the patient may be viewed and gantry can move over the patient during the study. High Definition Computed Tomography. 

DIGITAL RADIOGRAPHY May be used in single shot or scanning mode to allow an entire patient to be scanned in a single radiograph. Images may be taken at any angle. The gantry rotates a full 360 degrees. The system comes with acquisition and viewing software built-in and includes all types of 3D rendering and modeling. Support may be given by remote control of the system at any time via a WiFi connection.

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