Fiona has been working in the veterinary clinic industry since 2018. Although she has witnessed a lot of small animals living, dying and being sick, she feels that working at the frontline of the Wellness Veterinary Hospital & Diagnostics Centre is very meaningful. At least she can be at the front line to help the owners and their pets, to establish a good and effective communication and collaboration with the veterinarians and veterinary assistants, and try her best to help them to alleviate the pain and suffering caused by the disease, wish all the little animals in the world to grow up healthily.

Fiona has always loved small animals and has had puppies, hamsters, chinchillas, chinchillas, turtles, goldfish, hermit crabs, etc. As a result, Fiona wanted to work in the veterinary pet industry when she grew up. Now she has three puppies and one tortoise at home, named Mao Zai, Dai Lao, Pi Pi and Tortoise Fairy.

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