Introducing our new “24 Hours Canine Packed Red Blood Cells Pickup / Delivery Service”

Introducing our new “24 Hours Canine Packed Red Blood Cells Pickup / Delivery Service”

December 6, 2022

Good News. Wellness Veterinary Hospital is introducing “24 hours blood bag pickup / delivery service” in early October! Our canine packed red blood cell (pRBC) is suitable for dogs with emergency, surgical, and medical needs.

For owners and clinics that need pRBC, now you can directly call us at 2572 2088 for more details and information.

Canine pRBC frequently asked questions


Q: My dog needs blood transfusion but I don’t know his/her blood type, what should I do?

Answer: It’s important to perform blood typing on your dog before blood transfusion to lower the risk of complications. DEA 1.1 negative pRBC can be transfused to DEA 1.1 positive and negative recipient. If you have any concerns, please directly call 2572 2088 and our medical team will be here to assist you.


Q: What can I do if my dog needs blood transfusion urgently, but I cannot come to buy the pRBC in person?

Answer: Please call 2572 2088 if you cannot come purchase the pRBC in person, we can help arranging delivery.

About Us

Founded in 2016 by Dr Wallis Chan who led and built Wellness Veterinary Hospital (WVH) on the belief that a sense of wellness is essential to both pet owners and pets who are our treasured family members. WVH aims to provide outstanding level of medical care services which your pet needs and deserves.

Now we are glad to announce our new “24 Hours Canine Packed Red Blood Cell Pickup/ Delivery Service” as a step forward to fulfil our mission to give the best possible medical service to the owner and your pets.

Friendly reminder from Wellness:

Almost all transfusion cases are emergency with animals in dire need. We have a first come first serve policy, and we will not withhold any pRBC for later purchase. Please DO NOT leave message via Facebook comment / inbox. Just call us DIRECTLY for fastest response, our medical team is in the clinic 24/7 to assist you!

Otherwises, for general enquiries:

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